Friday, 27 December 2013


There are different poems written by different poets in the world and these poems can be broadly classified into different forms in which they occur. Some of them are as follows; 1. Acrostic poems 2. Diamante poems 3. Concrete poems 4. Dramatic poems 5. Cinquain poems 6. Canzone poems 7. Ballads 8. Couplet 9. Iambic pentameter 10. Haiku 11. Epic 12. Limericks 13. Free verse 14. Ghazal 15. Jintishi 16. Sestina 17. Ode 18. Pastourelle/ pastoral 19. Pantoum 20. Sonnet 21. Lyric 22. Narrative poems 23. Sijo 24. Villanele 25. Nature poems 26. Tanko poems etc. There are many more poems nowadays due to more poets writing in different poetic forms using different devices and techniques for instance wedding poems and many others for different occassions. But the ones above can help you to identify the class of poem you are writing.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013


Merry Christmas friends and a happy new year with many more years to come! Have a wonderful time and remember, when you return or while you are still there, write poems on where you are right now, what you have seen, felt or heard and make it worth your while. See you when you get back. Cheri o!

Thursday, 28 November 2013


No matter the definition that is given to poetry, expressing it from my own point of view, I feel poetry to be a collection of the emotions, feelings, sight and insight, innermost thought that a writer has within or outside him/her that is spilled out and written to ease oneself.. You check it out, what I feel is what I express, what I see is what I put down the way I see it and so on. That is it. More will be coming out in this blog friends about poems from the heart. Have a nice time.